Medicare Enrollment

December 18, 2016
By Frank Marano

Q – Frank, I missed the December 7th date to switch my plan.
Is there a way to change plans, or am I stuck with the plan I am in.

A – That all depends on the plan that you are in. The Annual Enrollment period for Medicare runs from October 15th to December 7th. During this time you should review your plan’s changes for the coming year. The Enrollment Period includes Stand Alone Part D drug plans, and Medicare Advantage Plans. If you are in a Medicare Supplement, this does not apply to you. Medicare Supplements may be changed at any time during the year. From January to February 15th you can DisEnroll from an Advantaged plan if it does not fit your needs. If you chose to DisEnroll in the Advantage Plan you will return to Original Medicare. You may choose any Medicare Supplement and a Stand Alone Part D drug plan that fits you.


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